I remember collecting Garbage Pail Kids’ cards back in my adolescent years. Now they’ve made their comeback as the inspiration for The Hundreds very own GPK’s collection. I love how they made each character specific to each individual within The Hundreds team. That’s so dope!

TH x GPK will be available Thursday, December 15, at The Hundreds Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Santa Monica flagship locations, as well as online and authorized retailers, listed here.

Originally created as a spin-off of Topp’s Wacky Packages in 1985, Garbage Pail Kids quickly skyrocketed into everyone’s childhood memories through trading cards, stickers, and key chains alike. This is the first collaboration in Garbage Pail Kids’ 26-year history of creating disgustingly hilarious and outrageous characters. The The Hundreds x Garbage Pail Kids series consists of five special edition characters; a proud addition to over two-dozen series’ created over the decades of GPK.