While most dedicated shoppers are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Black Friday to decimate the inventory of their favorite brands, Opening Ceremony fans are undoubtedly more anxious for the onset of next week following a recent announcement made by the trendy New York-based retailer.

Beginning Tuesday, November 27, Opening Ceremony will launch a limited edition line of menswear designed in collaboration with the iconic artist Yoko Ono. Inspired by a series of sketches presented to John Lennon by Ono on their wedding day, the new collection entitled “Fashions for Men” is an homage to her late husband’s “hot bod” and will feature just 18 unique pieces in total. Although several sweatshirts and posters will be made available for purchase in slightly larger quanities, the majority of the items in the collection, which range from leather boots to trousers displaying a hand cut-out sewn over the crotch, will only offer 52 pieces for sale to the public.

“Fashions for Men” will debut at Opening Ceremony’s New York and LA stores next Tuesday, followed by London on November 30, and Tokyo on December 9. View several samples of Ono’s original drawings below.