To the untrained eye, Miami’s EDM scene is characterized solely by the likes of Miami Music Week and a handful of isolated events taking place during the mind-blowing cultural invasion...MORE ›
Unique, effervescent, and passionate – three words that when left alone do not hold much significance, but place them in front of a renowned name like Natalia Durazo and their...MORE ›
Ashley Outrageous & C’est La Vie have come together to present producer/engineer Raak’s latest EP release. Known for his production work for Philly artist Gilbere Forte, Raak experiments by remixing...MORE ›
With good looks, a successful online boutique, and a killer vintage collection – it’s almost impossible to not notice the presence of Dennaya Famous. Her brand and workmanship has had...MORE ›
TIMELESS [ˈtaɪmlɪs] adj 1. unaffected or unchanged by time; ageless 2. eternal We had the opportunity to sit down with the newly opened shop TIMELESS in Tempe Arizona and discuss...MORE ›
Femme Fatale introduces Shvona Lavette, a Queens, New York native, whom attended Manhattan’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts with a dream to one day perform professionally to showcase her talents...MORE ›
Frankie Finch was chosen as our Femme Fatale of the month because she is the epitome of our classic go-getter. Amazingly, Frankie is no amateur in the entertainment industry. While...MORE ›
Bianca Cheah, native of Australia, an accomplished fashion model, designer, and business owner who has been featured in numerous elite magazines and brands, has her own summer accessory line reflecting...MORE ›
Two years ago I came across a post on the Internet of a new brand from New York City that had one of the most unique names I‘d seen in...MORE ›
DJ Tamara Sky is a known triple threat. She’s beautiful, ambitious and highly successful — With an impressive resume in DJ/event hosting, droppin’ mixtapes and being featured in elite magazine...MORE ›
The new year wouldn’t be complete without the beautiful, aspiring stories from our Femme Fatale’s. Gracing our site with her blonde curly-sue locks and undeniable blandiloquence, Desiree ‘Desi Dollas’ Finley...MORE ›
Last month we took a stroll down the aisles of MAGIC S.L.A.T.E. to get a glimpse of what’s to come for next season, as well as, greet old and new...MORE ›
As we welcome a new month this year, we also welcome our newest Femme Fatale. She goes by the name of Jazzy Kim or Jazzy Laggerfeld, if you’re nasty! She’s...MORE ›
Four our next FEMME FATALE feature we had the opportunity to talk to somebody who seems to be doing it all with no signs of slowing down. From dancing, music...MORE ›
Karmaloop has become an un-stoppable online machine providing costumers the ability to sort through and purchase-selected brands from the comfort of their home. Here at C’est La Vie we wanted...MORE ›
If you’re a fan of realism, then you’re a fan of The Boobs and their two grenades Des and Glossy. The ladies are masterminds behind the unrestrained, highly tantalizing, and...MORE ›
What makes a great artist? What should they possess within themselves to release music that the world cannot only enjoy but also relate to? At That’s exactly what Philly artist,...MORE ›
Our next Femme Fatale is known to greet your early mornings on Arizona’s hottest airwaves. She’s self-motivated, compassionate, and drop dead GORGEOUS! Read our exclusive interview to know more about...MORE ›
Meet our newest Femme Fatale, the ladies of Lady Art. We caught up with the dynamic duo or shall we say ‘glam-squad’ to find out more on their successful careers,...MORE ›
When we decided to select our next Femme Fatale, we knew she had to embody qualities that was unprecedented, engaging and cultivating. Her name is like a morsel exiting your...MORE ›
Meet our ‘illest’ Femme Fatale — Rocky Rivera. This slick talking writer not only talks a good game, she’s one of the few MC’s to merge out from the Bay...MORE ›
Crossing overseas, CLV hunts down the next participant to join our ever growing “Femme Fatale” roster. We’re charmed by one of Australia’s gifted model and photographer, due to make her...MORE ›
Everyone meet our newest Femme Fatale, Ms. Tara King. She’s got killer looks, impeccable style and a voice that’ll put most artist to shame. If she’s not laying down the...MORE ›
The wait for our newest femme fatale addition is now at rest. One of CLV’s featured models and an individual who has been a great friend to me is none...MORE ›
It’s a beautiful Summer’s day in Los Angeles and it’s only January. The soundtrack to L.A. is playing loud and clear — sirens blazing, cars honking, people chatting, the fruit...MORE ›
Meet our newest femme fatale, Bliss. She’s got a voice to hypnotize and followers who idolize and her music speaks of strong passion, imagination and pure bliss — best of...MORE ›
Femme Fatale is our new addition where we feature ladies of a different breed, woman who have a power over testosterone, the girl next door – that your mom warned...MORE ›

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