Praise God…..for someone FINALLY getting it right! After numerous visits to local sushi restaurants, I found THEE spot to dine when I’m craving a plate of hot fish. One evening, a couple of my girlfriend’s and I decided to do a girls night out and have a quick bite before the night’s festivities. Nearby, sits Kaizen Fusion Roll & Sushi. The location was just off of The Strip (Las Vegas) so we was able to avoid traffic and fyi, Hard Rock, located directly across the street.

Seating was prompt, staff is very attentive and polite, and the menu, …..let’s just say, “Wow….good gravy!” – they may as well copyright it as being the second coming of the SUSHI Bible because I don’t think I’ve seen selections like this in quite some time.

Then again, to an average passerby or mere hungry indecisive consumer casually stumbling in with an appetite, this BAKED version of a sushi menu is HEAVEN! After reading my options I had to debate on whether I’d go with “Japanese Lasagna” or “Baked Salmon Roll” – hell, at this point, just pick something for me, cook it up and slap it on a damn plate! But my friend’s insisted I try both. So I did and I LOVED IT! I have never tasted anything quite like it. I’ve had your usual California Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll, or all the basic cold, bland rolls, but this was different in many aspects. Both served hot, dressed with Kaizen’s special sauce, and they perfectly melt in your mouth with each bite. . . DELIGHTFUL! My all time favorite is their amazingly, delicious, Baked Salmon Roll; baked salmon on top of cream cheese, avocado and yama gobo. OMG! The slightly cooked salmon is just the right portion for each roll, with a small tiny square of cream cheese for taste, AND yama gobo — I can’t street enough how yummy it is. This roll will have those who can care less for sushi, scraping the last bits off their plates. I kid you not!

If you’re in the city of Las Vegas and are looking to catch a bite — I highly recommend you stop by Kaizen, as it is now a weekend tradition for me and my family.

Photo by C’est La Vie