As a young lady flossing her french manicured, neon orange, initial charmed nails in the streets of LA since junior high, Melinda, had no problem with sticking out like a sore thumb when it came to her nails. Now as an artist, she felt it was only natural to connect her love of long extravagant impractical nails with her artistry.

In 2007, she launched HER Nails as a part of a larger creative project that includes jewelry, visual art, and a non-profit component where she also specializes in one of a kind 3-D nail art designs. She plans on establishing a program where a portion of the proceeds sales goes to doing nail designs for local low-income teenage girls durig prom season. Bless her heart! To show her love for art, Melinda displays a Louis Vuitton nail design and the authentic Louis bag used to create her unique acrylics. Now that’s dedication! She also graced the nails of other known artists like Erykah Badu, Melody Ehsani, DJ Rashida, Monica Payne just to name a few. Expect to see more of Melinda and her creative masterpieces for this is only the beginning for HER Nails!

“In a time when everyone is trying to set themselves apart, wear the most original designs, and stand out amongst the crowd–HER nails have come along to help the ladies do just that. Whether for everyday or for one night, HER nails are one of a kind 3-D nail art designs that are not for the shy wall flowers of the world.” -HER Nails

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Designer Melinda repping HER own nails

DJ Rashida rocking HER Nails

Miss Monica Payne

HER Nails on natural nails

Erykah Badu

Vicious tips on Boss Black by HER Nails